Weight-Loss Journal 10/26/08

Goal for this week’s weigh-in was to lose 1.5 lbs. Actual loss was 2.4 lbs. for a total of -22.8 (WW)/-42.8 (overall). And I’m now back down to the lowest weight I’ve been at in more than five years (I got down around 270 before I had back surgery in 2003). I didn’t get my activity in (I only walked one day last week—bad me!), but I did track/preplan five out of seven days, which really helped me keep my head in the “game” this week—even when I had cravings or the desire to run out and get something unhealthy, I was able to remind myself of my progress and where I wanted to be at today’s weigh-in. Obviously, it’s working!

Yesterday afternoon, I was on the computer looking for a full-length picture of myself from last year when I was at my highest weight (while trying to ignore the beating my LSU Tigers were taking at the hands of UGA). I have a couple of waist-up-only pictures from the ACFW conference last year, but I wanted to be able to do a head-to-toe comparison from last year to this year. So here it is:

Amazing how just the cut of the top can make a visual difference, huh? (And yes, I’ve gotten my hair cut short again. Why? Because it’s been about three years since last time I had it short.) Here’s how the outfits compare—2007: shirt size XXXL (men’s, and I had to stretch out the bottom of it when it came out of the dryer to keep it from being too tight around the hips), jeans size 28W (fitting kind of tight in the waist); 2008: shirt size 22/24, jeans size 26W, loose enough I have to hike them up every so often.

Around four o’clock Friday afternoon, I found myself wandering around the house wanting a snack . . . but I wasn’t really hungry. So I had a brilliant idea—I’d go to Starbucks and get a skinny, sugar-free caramel latte. It sticks to my program and it gets me out of the house (though Friday is my day to go to the library to write, I didn’t go because it rained pretty heavily until late afternoon and I didn’t feel like walking across campus with my laptop).

Since it was almost 4:30 by the time I actually got out of the house (had to do something with the hair and put on a little makeup), I realized that I’d be coming back smack in the height of rush hour. So I decided instead of going to the closest Starbucks (about six miles away in Brentwood), I’d drive down to Cool Springs and go to the one at the Barnes & Noble down there. That way, I could kill time and miss traffic.

Of course, there’s an Avenue right across the street from the B&N. It’s been a couple of months since the last time I tried on clothes—and I was frustratingly between a 26/28 and a 22/24 in tops and who knows what size in pants. I have some 26s that are too big and some that fit fine, some 24s that fit just fine and some that are still too tight. Last year, my 28s were starting to feel uncomfortably tight, and I’d started buying tops in a 30/32, just to make sure they still fit after washing; I’ve already gotten rid of pretty much all of the pants and tops I was wearing up until about March or April of this year and am now wearing the stuff that had been stored away for that “someday” when they might fit again (good thing I kept all of those!). So, I figured a great way to keep my head in the weight-loss game would be to go try on some clothes to see what is currently fitting.

A few weeks ago, I’d ordered a pair of knit “yoga” pants off the Avenue website (hard to pass them up when they were on sale for $10) in a size 22/24, and have been wearing them around the house almost constantly since. So I wanted to see if they had any of those in the store—they did, so I got pairs in two additional colors (for $12.88 each, regular price) in the same size. I then dived into the clearance racks and ended up with a cute twill jacket ($14.95), a cardigan ($9.99), and a knit shirt ($9.99, the one in the picture above)—all in a size 22/24. I didn’t even try any of them on. I figured if they didn’t fit, it would just encourage me to work harder so that I could wear them. Well, I tried them all on when I got home—and as you can see, ALL three tops fit just fine! Now, I can’t wear much more than a camisole under the jacket and cardigan or they’re a little tight in the sleeves, but that’s quite all right by me.

After I tried those on, I pulled out my box of winter tops—the ones I’d kept after I purged more than half of my wardrobe four months ago—and tried everything on, including that LSU top I’m wearing in the 2007 picture. It’s so much too big on me, I couldn’t think of an excuse to keep it. Even though it’s an LSU shirt! But I did recently get a 2007 championship sweatshirt (in an XXL), so that made it a little easier to part with. And even though most of the tops I had, which are 30/32s and 26/28s, are way too big on me, I kept the majority of them since I can wear them around the house without having to worry about what they look like, and save the tops that fit (the 22/24s and some of the smaller-cut 26/28s) for wearing out and about. I then proceeded to wash all those too-large tops in hot water and dry them on the hottest dryer setting to see if they would shrink up some.

In addition to setting weekly goals for myself (which again for this week is to track daily, walk at least three days, and lose 1.5 lbs.), I like to set longer-term goals. With four and a half weeks until Thanksgiving, I’d like to reach my 10% WW weight loss goal of 29 lbs., if not exceed it by then. Technically, I have already lost more than 10% of my original weight, but since I’d already lost about 20 pounds before I started WW, those don’t count toward my 10% goal there. By Christmas, I’d like for my size 26 jeans to be feeling too big and the couple of pairs of 24s I have to be fitting.

I’ve recently learned that my two cousins on the Dacus side of the family are both getting married next year in May/June. My goal for those weddings is to be down around 240 (averaging a loss of 5 lbs/month) and fitting into a size 22, which would be a great excuse to buy new outfits for both weddings. And it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that there may be a couple of weddings on the McLellan side of the family next summer as well. I’m thinking something like this:

What do you think? 🙂


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