Weight-Loss Journal 11/2/08

Well, after a week in which I knew I wasn’t doing well, I did better today than I feared: I was only up 0.4 lbs, moving the needle up to 272.6. I didn’t walk, I didn’t pre-plan meals, I pretty much didn’t do much of anything good. I didn’t do too much of anything bad, either, which is why I basically maintained (if I hadn’t eaten breakfast and lunch today before weighing in, it probably would have been right at the same weight). But this week, it’s back to being deliberate about what I’m putting in my mouth, so as soon as I post this, I’m going to write out my meal plan through at least Thursday of this week so that I can try to hit my goal of losing around 1.5 lbs. next week.

One way in which I’m going to do that is by getting out and enjoying our Indian Summer weather. It’s forecast to be gorgeous this week—low- to mid-seventies and sunny almost every day—so it would be almost a crime if I don’t get out and enjoy it while it lasts. For example: the church that serves as the polling place for my neighborhood is about a mile away from my house. So on Tuesday, instead of driving over there, I’m going to walk. I’m also going to (finally) go over to the new community center that opened up about six months ago that has a workout facility and is a free-to-use center and see what kinds of equipment and/or classes they offer.

Our topic at WW this week was to “Vote for Yourself.” Here’s a little quiz he gave us at the beginning of the meeting:

1. Name the last person who gave you a compliment.
2. Name the last person who asked you what you would like to do.
3. Name the last person who told you you can achieve your dreams.
4. Name the last person to speak up on your behalf.
5. Name the last person who gave you his/her full attention.
6. Name the last person who was critical toward/about you.
7. Name the last person to tell you to put others’ needs before your own.
8. Name the last person who said something that sapped your motivation.
9. Name the last person who set unrealistic expectations for you.
10. Name the last person who predicted failure for you.

How to score the quiz: Give yourself 10 points for every time you wrote your own name as the answer on #1–5. Subtract 10 points for every time you wrote your own name as the answer for #6–10.

What’s the point of this? It’s to show how important positivity is toward reaching your goals—whether it’s getting that first novel finished or losing that last 5, 10, 40, 100 lbs. Obviously we don’t want to surround ourselves only with “yes” people, but we do need to make sure that we do have people in our lives who are supportive of us no matter what we do. We also need to make sure that we’re not feeding ourselves so much negativity that we’re becoming our own worst enemy.

Vote “No” To:

  • Always letting others’ needs take priority
  • Allowing “have-to’s” dominate your life
  • Losing motivation
  • Being a “yes (wo)man” all the time
  • Feeling guilty about making weight loss/taking care of yourself a priority

Vote “Yes” To:

  • Valuing your own needs
  • Making time to do activities you love
  • Finding the motivation to work toward your goal
  • Saying “NO”
  • Saying goodbye to guilt

I would imagine that for the most part, those of you who’re reading this have been in situations that have taught you that if someone comes to you and asks you to do something that is within your capability, you should always say yes. Maybe you were in a job, like me, where you were told you couldn’t say no to anyone’s request that came your way. Maybe you were raised to believe that if you were asked to do something at church, you had to say yes because it meant God was calling you to serve in that capacity.

I’m all for us answering the call to serve others—but not to the detriment of our own spiritual, emotional, or physical health. I got myself into that situation before, and I ended up having to leave that church—because once I started saying no to serving on multiple committees and teaching Sunday school and singing in the choir and being a chaperone for youth functions/trips and helping out with Room in the Inn (all while working full time and going to college part time), there was a lot of resentment that came my way from the people who were asking me to do those things—because I’d never said no before. I’m not saying that we need to be selfish and miserly with our time and attention toward others; our greatest fulfillment as people can come through serving others in some capacity or another. I’m just saying that we need to take stock every so often of what we’ve obligated ourselves to and make sure that those things aren’t actually more damaging to us than they are good.

Here’s my brag on myself for the week:

I got rid of five more bags of clothes that are too big/don’t fit right/don’t look good on me. (Yes, I had a lot of clothes to begin with, as I got rid of eight or nine bags of clothes three months ago.) But that’s not really the brag.

After going nearly stir-crazy being shut up in this house all week, I had lunch with my best friend Lori on Friday. Afterward, unable to face the idea of coming back to the house, I drove over to Opry Mills Mall, where there’s a Lane Bryant outlet store because I wanted to buy some new underwear (it’s been many years since I’ve bought any, so it’s time to start weeding out the ratty ones). While there, I went ahead and tried on clothes, since I skipped that part last week when I went shopping. I’m definitely between sizes in pants (if they made a size 25W, it might fit), but most of the tops I tried on in 22/24 fit pretty well. I also tried on some beautiful jackets at Dress Barn–all either 24s or 22/24s and except for a couple of them, they all fit. At the Elizabeth Claiborne outlet, I tried on coats and jackets—all of the 3Xs were too big, and the 2Xs were just a bit snug. So it’s good to know where I am size-wise. But that’s not really the brag either.

Okay, here’s the actual brag: This mall has a couple of places that sell the big soft pretzels (love those with mustard on them), a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, a Harry & David store, a Cinnabon, a Dairy Queen, and a food court where they have all kinds of good smelling foods like pizza and barbecue. And by the time I’d made almost a full circuit of the mall (around 5:30), I was starting to get pretty hungry. Would it really be that bad to “treat” myself to a pretzel or an ice cream cone? But I just kept walking because of where my car was parked: outside of the Apple Barn. And in the Apple Barn, they have a large display of fresh apples—many different varieties that aren’t always carried in the grocery stores around here. So instead of candy or cookies or pretzels or ice cream, for fifty cents, I picked out a new-to-me variety of apple—Arkansas Black—and had that as my “treat” on the way home. And it was a treat! Much more tart than what I usually get (Cameo or Pink Lady). Actually, it tasted a lot like cran-apple juice with a very tight, crisp flesh. And (this is going to sound weird) it left a very nice aftertaste when I was finished with it. You know how sometimes when you eat fruit that’s really sweet, the sweet aftertaste can start to get somewhat nasty, which then brings on the craving for something salty to get rid of it? I didn’t want to eat anything immediately after enjoying that apple because of the fresh taste it left behind. I may run back up to the mall tomorrow or the next day and get four or five more of those apples.

So, get out there and vote for yourself this week—and don’t forget to get out and vote on Tuesday if you haven’t already. Remember—if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain. 🙂


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