Monday 11/10 recap

I did okay with my food yesterday. The muscle spasms I’ve been having in my back the last several days create this weird half-hungry/half-nauseated feeling in my stomach because of the way the muscles are cramping. I never know whether I should eat or avoid eating when it comes to that, so I just tried to stick to a normal (i.e., on program) eating plan yesterday.

Breakfast (which happened around noon, because I slept in)
3/4 cup fat free Cottage Cheese
1 10.5 oz. can Mandarin Orange Slices (packed in juice, drained)
(mixed together)
Hot tea sweetened with 2 tbs of juice from the canned oranges and Splenda

Snack (around 4 p.m.)
1 medium Arkansas Black apple (my new favorite variety!)

Supper (around 6 p.m.)
Salad with fat free Italian dressing
6 oz. baked chicken (skinless, pretty much fat free)

Snack (around 9 p.m.–because I was still experiencing that hungry feeling)
94% fat free popcorn

But then I messed up a little bit and had two large scoops of Lime Sherbet, which was in my freezer from a couple of weeks ago. Yes it’s fat free, but the sugar is what’s worse for me than anything else. But at least I finished off the carton and don’t have that kind of thing to trip up with left in the house.

I think I’m going to have Salmon for supper tonight. I think I still have one large fillet in the freezer. Better go check . . .


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