Wednesday 11/12 Food Journal

10:00 a.m.
I meant to get up by eight o’clock this morning, but, alas, the best intentions . . . good thing the plumber showed up at 9:30 (to fix a leak I’ve been complaining to my landlady about for more than two months!). So I had no choice but to get up. Which is good. What’s bad is they had to turn off the water to work on the line, so I wasn’t able to take a shower or even fill up a couple of water bottles. Luckily, I did still have water in the kettle from last night, so I was able to fix hot tea to have with breakfast and take a “spit” bath. Guess I’ll be throwing on a hat and running to Kroger in a couple of hours to pick up a bottle of water or soda or something if it looks like the’re going to have the water shut off all day. (They finished at 11 a.m.; however, I still don’t have full water pressure in the hot water in my bathroom, so they’ll probably be back again soon.)

3/4 cup fat free Cottage Cheese
1 10.5 oz. can Mandarin Oranges, drained
Hot Tea with a splash of lemon juice and orange juice, sweetened with Splenda

Tomato Soup
Ham and fat-free cheese sandwich with spicy brown mustard (1 point for the bread)

I did okay until after choir practice. I didn’t feel hungry before I went, but as soon as I walked into the church and smelled the food from supper there, I was ravenous. I’d already planned to pick up a salad at Rafferty’s on my way home, so I did that, and wolfed it down, along with fixing my own steak (an 8-ounce, very lean top sirloin, pan seared dry), and finished dinner with a WW Key Lime yogurt (1 point).

Then I broke into the hard candy (cherry drops and cinnamon drops) in the bag of goodies for the niece and nephews. But Thursday is a new day, a day to move forward and not look back. And a day to get all that stuff I’ve already bought for the n/n’s wrapped so that it’s no longer a temptation.


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