Friday 11/14 Food Journal

So as I was getting up this morning around 8:30, I heard the next-door neighbors’ beagles whining and crying. Up until a few days ago, these two strays that somehow found their way to his yard awhile back had been left free to roam the neighborhood day and night. But Metro Animal Control has picked up their patrol of our subdivision due to complaints of people letting their dogs run free (I had to have them come pick up a big black dog that had adopted me a month or so ago, as much as it killed me to do it), so Doug decided he would have to start closing his front gate to keep the two beagles safe (they like to wander around in the street) and out of everyone else’s yards. Well, one of them really takes exception to being locked up and has managed to escape the yard every day this week but one. When I heard them crying this morning, I figured I’d go out and try to cheer them up a little—and opened the front door just in time to see Buddy slip out under the fence at the corner. I spent about twenty minutes trying to lure him back into the yard with dog biscuits, but he wasn’t having any of that. Since I removed a “planter” from my front yard a couple of years ago (an area set off by bricks that had become overgrown), I have a pile of bricks sitting in my backyard. Knowing that Buddy wasn’t going to try to go back under the fence, I went ahead and carried several bricks from the back to the front (and these are really old, heavy bricks) and hopefully blocked up a couple of places that Doug wasn’t able to block on his side of the fence (though he’s tried really hard). I only gave Buddy about twenty minutes of my attention, because by then, I was starving, since I’d been on my way to the kitchen to fix breakfast when I heard them in the first place.

My main challenge today is that I’m going to the movies this afternoon (to see the new James Bond movie) with friends. Since we’re going to a 4:25 show, I’ll have to make sure I eat a large, healthy meal for lunch so that I’m not so hungry when we leave the cinema that I’m tempted to binge.

Breakfast (around 9:30 a.m.)
4 pieces Canadian Bacon with
1 piece fat-free American cheese melted over them
Coffee with sugar-free English Toffee syrup and skim milk
(yes, I had a rather NATO-allies breakfast)

Morning Snack (around 11 a.m.)
1 tub unsweetened Apple Sauce
Coffee with sugar-free Caramel syrup and skim milk

Lunch (around 2 p.m.)
Hamburger—made with a frozen hamburger patty (2 Points) and 2 slices extra-fiber whole-wheat bread (1 Point/2 slices), dressed with dill pickles, onion, ketchup, spicy mustard and low-fat mayo (2 tbs=1 point, I only used about 2 teaspoons, so no points)
Edamame (1/2 cup shelled)

I went with some girlfriends to see Quantum of Solace this afternoon. As someone who is most definitively not a James Bond fan, the movie kept me entertained, so I guess it’s pretty good. Unfortunately, because much of it takes place in South America, it made me crave Mexican food. But I withstood!

Supper (around 8 p.m.)
Chicken wings baked with “wing sauce” (chicken broth + Louisiana hot sauce)
Lite Blue Cheese dressing (2 Points)
Celery and carrots

Dessert/Evening Snack (around 9 p.m.)


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