Weekly Weigh-In 11/16/08


Woohoo! Down 2.4 pounds this week (-24.4 for WW/-44.4 overall), which puts me at the lowest weight I’ve been at in . . . well as long as I can remember. I think maybe I’ve finally broken this plateau. But, it also means that it’ll be unlikely that I’ll hit my 10% weight loss by my next weigh-in. The good thing about that, though, is that it’ll give me more motivation to stay on track over Thanksgiving so that I can hit it the next week.

Here are my goals for the upcoming week:
–Cut down on “sweet” beverages (even though I’m sweetening them with Splenda). I’m pretty sure this is why I’m still getting really bad sugar cravings.

–No more than 3 points extra per day (allowed 35 “bonus” or “cheat” points per week).


–Go to the new community center and start working out (it’s free, and only about a mile from the house)

–Continue writing down everything I eat

–Increase water consumption

I’d like to see two more pounds come off at the scale next week, but I’ll be happy with any loss. (I say that now . . .)

At the meeting today, John gave us a “Holiday Cheat Sheet” with ideas to help us survive Thanksgiving and not gain weight (and possibly lose weight). Here are some of the ideas from that and from what we discussed in the group:

  • Wear tighter clothes. Not only do you want to show off the progress you’ve made, but tighter waistbands keep you from over-eating.
  • To a “bring a dish” event, take something you know you can eat lots of if there aren’t a lot of other healthy options.
  • Don’t hang out in the room where the food is, if you can at all help it. Suggest moving into the living room after dinner instead of continuing to sit around the table. DON’T hang out in the kitchen!
  • Eat something before you go.
  • Take only a one- or two-bite portion of everything, and be sure to leave “white space” on your plate.
  • Don’t pile up your plate the first time through the line (or as the platters are passed around). Take sensible servings of your favorite dishes, eat slowly, and wait at least fifteen minutes before getting seconds. You’ll most likely discover you don’t want seconds.
  • Know your trigger (or “Red Light”) foods and come up with a plan to avoid them.
  • Cruise the buffet table before you pick up a plate.
  • Instead of falling prey to the temptation of the snacks sitting around while watching football, take something with you to do with your hands—hand crafts like needlework, crocheting, knitting; wrapping Christmas gifts; even shuffling a deck of cards. Idle hands are the devil’s plaything, so keep your hands busy and you’re less likely to boredom-eat.
  • Practice saying, “Maybe later, I’m too full right now” before you go so you can easily answer your grandma or mom when she tries to get you to eat another piece of pie.

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  1. Ruth says:

    Woo-hoo! Awesome progress this week, congratulations girl!


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