Wednesday 11/19 Food Journal

Pan-browned piece of ham
1/2 canned pear stuffed w/fat free cottage cheese

    Another food challenge for me this week is that I’m meeting one of the newer members of MTCW for supper Thursday night at Chili’s. But I just got on their website to peruse the menu and start planning now what I’ll be ordering. I might get the triple fajitas (steak, shrimp, and chicken) without the sides, or I might get the cedar-plank salmon. I’ll study the online menu carefully again Thursday afternoon to make a decision before I get there, so that I’m not even tempted to look at the menu with all the pretty pictures of the high-calorie, high-fat foods. I’ll probably also pop over to Dotti’s Weightloss Zone and just look through the Points values of those dishes just so that I’m firmly grounded in what’s a healthier choice and what’s not.

Chicken soup made with 98% fat free cream of chicken condensed soup (4 Points), skim milk, canned chicken meat, and fat-free cheddar cheese.

10 oz. steamed crab legs



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