Saturday’s Challenge

Yes, I know, this isn’t a food journal entry either, but I am actually doing okay with food this week (of course, the truth or fiction of that will be revealed at my weigh-in on Sunday!).

fpx15757What I am posting about is the challenge I’ll face tomorrow: a Christmas Brunch for MTCW. I love brunches, buffets, covered-dish meals, whatever you want to call them, because it’s usually a great excuse to make some kind of really tempting dish that I’d never make at home while trying to lose weight, and, naturally, indulge in it at the party. But this year, because I know I have to weigh in on Sunday, and because I really want my 25-pounds-lost award this week, I’ve decided to take something a little more WW friendly—something I know I can eat a couple of servings of and still be okay . . . I’m taking a creamy fruit salad.

Creamy, you say? Isn’t that by definition not healthy?

Not when it’s made with Lite whipped topping and fat-free cream cheese!

Because I want it to be a little fancier than just draining out some no-sugar added canned fruit cocktail, I’ve bought frozen berries (blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries) and frozen peach slices (which I’ll cut into bite-sized pieces) which are even now thawing in the colander over the sink, and a can of red, tart, pitted cherries (packed in water). Once the cream cheese is softened, I’ll fold it into the whipped topping and then add the fruit. I’ll keep it in the fridge tonight, then, about two hours before I leave for the party, I’ll pop it into the freezer, just so it doesn’t get too warm and soft on the 20–30 minute drive up to the location of the party and the additional time it’ll sit out on the buffet before we eat.

One of the great things about this party is that as part of the RSVP process, we all sign up for what we’re going to bring—so I’m about to hop over to our private group site and look at the list and start planning now for what I’ll eat and what I’ll politely bypass. I can always tally it up to nerves—after all, tomorrow is my very first book signing!


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