Weekly Weigh-In 12/14/08

Remember how last week I said that I thought I was doing okay with food choices without planning/tracking (and parenthetically how the scale at WW might call me a liar)? Well, I definitely didn’t do as well as I thought—I was up 1.4 lbs. this week. 😦 I have no excuses to make, just a determination to go in and plan out the meals for this week as soon as I post this . . . and then to post my food journal here every day to keep myself honest.

That’s the hardest part of doing a public food journal—it’s too easy for me to fudge a little bit on what I actually ate, how much I ate, or how it was prepared. But I have to keep reminding myself: I’m not doing this for anyone else but me. I’m not doing this to impress anyone or try to show off what good little dieter I am. I started this blog for the very purpose of keeping me honest about what I’m doing—whether it’s good or not—and to hopefully turn it into a place where I have accountability and maybe get a little encouragement during the week.

It seems like I say it week after week after week, but today it’s back to basics. I’ve let too many non-Core foods and condiments slip back into my eating habits—and even though I have the extra 35 points each week that I can use toward those non-Core food items, I’ve been using that as an excuse not to purge them from my meal/cooking plans rather than making the healthy choices my lifestyle instead of my “diet plan.”

I also need to get motivated to exercise every day, whether it’s my Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds DVDs here at home, the Back Care Yoga DVD I ordered this afternoon, or driving over to the community center and either paying the $2 to use the fitness center or walking on their indoor track for free (or possibly swimming, which I really don’t want to do this time of year, even at an indoor pool). I know I’ll feel better, lose weight easier, and, hopefully, get my blood pressure down so that I can come off the prescription medications (oh, and get health insurance, too).

Our WW leader posed these two questions to us at the meeting today:

What in your life has the potential to slow down or derail your weight-loss efforts at this time of year?

    For example: all of the office/church Christmas parties you’re obligated to go to, the baking your family/friends expect you to do, all of the tempting foods and desserts served wherever you celebrate Christmas, traveling, having no time to eat proper/healthy meals because of all the extra things that draw our time and attention (school programs, Christmas musicals, decorating, shopping, parties, etc.).

What kind of challenges do they present to staying in control of your weight-loss efforts?

    Parties: Goodies like cookies, candies, and a lot of other foods that are really tasty but not really healthy; Baking: how can you smell those cookies without eating at least one—or even licking the bowl?; Traveling: have I ever mentioned how I have this weird mindset that overtakes me that says food eaten while traveling doesn’t count?; No Time to Cook: so you pick up fast food or order pizza or Chinese food.

I mentioned mine about the traveling/fast food thing I have—everyone’s suggestions ranged from packing my own meal, eating a meal before I leave and then drinking tea the whole trip (um . . . I really don’t want to stop that often—and it’s a six-hour drive), stopping and going into a fast-food restaurant to eat a salad (if I’m going to stop somewhere and go in and sit, it isn’t going to be at a fast-food place!), or just packing Core-friendly snacks instead of stopping for anything to eat. The one thing that no one said that I know I could do but didn’t this last trip, is that I can go through the drive-thru at McD. and order the grilled chicken sandwich combo meal with no mayo and have them substitute the Apple Dippers for fries. I can take the chicken breast off the bread and eat the apple slices plain, without the caramel sauce for a Core meal.

What about you? What has the potential to derail you this season? How do those things challenge you? How will you meet those challenges?


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  1. Natalie D says:

    Hi, Kaye,

    As a recovering food addict, what gets me at this time of year is the thought, “Well, it’s a special occassion.” This is true, to an extent, and I should allow these splurges, but I struggle cutting off the splurge at one dinner. I often take that Christmas dinner splurge and turn it into an all day one….


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