Tuesday 12/23/08 Food Journal

2 Eggs, scrambled
8 Cherry Tomatoes, halved
Hot Tea

Healthy Request Vegetable-Beef Soup
Reduced-fat crackers (2 Points)
Dill Pickle
Diet Sprite

Mexican-spiced “pulled” pork burrito (home-made)
1 extra flour tortilla (cooked fresh, made with canola oil)
(I estimate about 7 points for this meal)


About Kaye Dacus

Kaye Dacus Academic Editor (at NCU). Published Author (11 novels, dozens of articles, essays, poems). Prolific Procrastinator. www.kayedacus.com
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One Response to Tuesday 12/23/08 Food Journal

  1. teresa says:

    hey, good luck. it’s difficult, but you can do it. i have lost weight and i am at a maintainance stage right now. i’ve been using a weight loss journal on line (it’s free and easy to use). this has helped me because it lets me log all of my food, exercise (or sometimes lack there of), and weight goals. happy new year and best wishes for a light 2009!


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