No, I haven’t given up!

I promised several people that I’d start back to my daily food journals and weekly weigh-in posts after the beginning of the year, and I definitely intend to. It’s just been a kind of weird week for me time-wise.

But even though the timing of my activities has been weird this week, it’s been a good week on program, at least that’s what my home scale and measuring tape are telling me. Based on 11 points of measurement on my body (neck, arms, chest, stomach, hips, thighs, calves, etc.), I’ve lost 9.75 inches since October 2008, and a total of 34.75 inches since the first time I measured in February 2008.

I did pretty well over Christmas—was down 0.8 lb. when I weighed in on December 31. Unfortunately, I self-sabotaged the last few days of that week and was up a couple of pounds on Sunday when I weighed in (right at 272). However, as I mentioned above, my scale at home has shown me consistently down almost five pounds from what it showed before I went to weigh in last Sunday. I’m not counting on having a five-pound loss at my official weigh-in, as I know their scales are different from mine, but just seeing the number that low (the needle has been between about 263–266) has pretty much been all the motivation I’ve needed to really stick to it this week. That, and I haven’t really left the house much, so all I’ve had access to eat has been on-plan food here at the house.

Speaking of, I do believe it’s time for lunch. I’m thinking soup and a grilled cheese sandwich, made with Nature’s Own extra-fiber whole wheat bread (1 Point for 2 slices), a couple of slices of fat-free American and Swiss cheese, and butter-flavored cooking spray.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting my landmark-event goals (i.e., the big events I have coming up this year and the size/weight I want to be when those dates roll around). So be thinking about yours, because I’ll be asking you to share!


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