Weekly Weigh-In 1/11/09

SuccessRoadI did it! I successfully broke the cycle of gaining and losing the same two or three pounds. I lost 4.6 pounds this week, which put me at a loss of 27.6 pounds on Weight Watchers, and a total overall loss of 47.6 pounds! As you can see by the new image to the right, I’m only 1.4 pounds away from my WW 10% goal, and I’m only 2.4 pounds away from a total overall weight loss of 50 pounds!

How did I succeed this week? Well, no self-sabotage for one thing. I pretty much stayed home all week, and all the food I have here at the house is on-program. I didn’t overeat. And when I felt like I wanted to eat but wasn’t hungry, I put a piece of gum in my mouth and either came in here to do something on the computer (wish I could say it was always writing, but, alas, it wasn’t) or I picked up my knitting to have something to concentrate on so that I stopped thinking about food.

My weightloss buddy and friend Georgina and I were talking before the meeting today about how difficult it is to realize that getting healthy (including losing weight) takes a commitment to make life-long changes. And it struck me: one of the reasons many people fail on a diet/health/weight-loss program is because they’re trying to change their entire life all at once. Yes, there are people who can just one day decide to become healthy and they make all the changes necessary and they’re successful. But let’s get real. Most of us aren’t like that.

It’s taken me more than a year—almost a year and a half now—to lose fifty pounds. Yet I’ve set a goal of losing 75 pounds in 11 months this year. How can I possibly expect to succeed? Well, I’ve been gradually making changes to my lifestyle and eating habits over these past fourteen or fifteen months that are now setting me up to move into making the last few changes necessary to truly be successful in getting healthy. I’ve taken a year to get my mindset right, to train my brain not to give in to the first temptation, to learn recipes I can make at home that stick to plan that are just as satisfying and much better for me than going out for fast-food.

Am I saying I have it all down pat and won’t make any mistakes from here on out? Not at all. What I’m saying is that I’m in a much better place mentally to make this way of eating, to start making exercise/activity, a normal part of my life so that it becomes habit, it becomes what’s normal for me, so that I don’t have to think about it every day.

Because I’m such a visual person, food commercials and programs on TV are usually one of my major downfalls that make me give in to cravings. This week, I’ll admit, that did happen to me with one such commercial. I saw it, I got an instant craving for what it advertised, and I went out immediately to get it. When I came home, I took one of those navel oranges and cut it into wedges and savored the tangy, juicy sweetness of it as loudly and disgustingly as I wanted to.

So if you’re wanting to lose weight or get healthy this year, don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to make too drastic of a change too soon. Do it a step at a time. Change what you eat for breakfast. Once that becomes a habit, change what you eat for lunch, then dinner. If you’ve tried “cold turkey” dieting before and it hasn’t worked for you, make it a gradual change instead of trying to do it overnight. There is no quick fix to becoming healthy, so take it slowly and see if you don’t find more success that way.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done weekly goals, but I’m going to try them again:
1. Hit 10% at next weigh-in (266)
2. Pre-plan meals through Thursday, including lunch out a couple of days with friends
3. Drink more water (I’ve been living on diet sodas recently)
4. Exercise two days at least 20-30 minutes. (Remember what I just said about taking it slowly?)

What’s one thing you can change in your routine this week that will help get you on the road to a more healthy lifestyle?


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  1. terra says:

    Congrats on the loss and a lot of good advice


  2. LaVender says:

    This blog is a woooonderful resource for so many women. I MUST link your blog to mine. Thanks in advance (smile).


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