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So, this afternoon, I’m cleaning off the shelves in my office closet, which means going through a stack of spiral notebooks and figuring out which ones I need to keep and which ones I can get rid of. In this process, I ran across a steno-pad I’d forgotten about completely, in which I’d started a list many, many years ago listing all the reasons why I want to lose weight. So, before I throw the pad away, I thought I’d share the list with you!

Reasons to lose weight . . .
1. To look good (okay, so I’m vain)
2. To have other people tell me I look good
3. Blue jeans without spandex
4. Improved self-image
5. Feel better about myself
6. Sitting comfortably in seats in the arena/stadium
7. Chairs with arms
8. Airplane seats
9. Chairs shoved together side-by-side
10. Roller Coasters (miss those)
11. Standing on the scale at the doctor’s office and getting “the look”
12. Hair falling out
13. Heavy facial hair [I’d been told at the time that being overweight can cause both 12 & 13]
14. No sausage fingers
15. Shorts
16. Sleeveless shirts
17. Tucked-in shirts
18. Not having to wear shirts that hang down to at least my hips to hide my belly
19. Form-fitting/tailored tops
20. Looking good in pants

21. Above-the-knee skirts
22. Swimsuits
23. Photographs
24. Desks at school [there were certain desks at my college/grad-school that were so tight, I couldn’t sit in them]
25. Pencil skirts
26. High heels
27. Younger men thinking I look good
28. Good looking men thinking I look good
29. Lower blood-pressure
30. No Type II diabetes in the future
31. Fewer back problems
32. No more knee problems
33. Being able to get back up easily when I crouch down to look at stuff on the bottom shelf
34. Breathing easier
35. Not getting winded climbing one flight of stairs
36. Hiking in Gatlinburg
37. Hiking at Fall Creek Falls
38. Horseback riding
39. Impress the family
40. Look like a college student [I was one at the time I wrote this—a college student in my early 30s]
41. Men asking me out
42. Not feeling uncomfortable around skinny/smaller men
43. Friends not feeling uncomfortable hugging me
44. Having certain other women jealous of me [yes, I have a mean-streak]
45. Completing something
46. Hitting a goal
47. Christmas in Baton Rouge
48. Size 22 . . . 20 . . . 18 . . . 16 . . . 14
49. Developing healthy eating habits
50. Not out-weighing most of the men I know
51. Full body Glamour-Shots—in clothes that fit!
52. Sexy legs
53. Comfortable bras that don’t have to be special-ordered
54. Strapless bras
55. Wearing white
56. Being a true authority on something
57. Smaller sizes means more fits in the suitcase!
58. Be smaller than I was in my sister’s wedding in 1992
59. Exercising in a sports bra and shorts [LOL! Don’t know if I’d do this now, even if I do get down to my ideal size!]
60. One chin
61. Neck—having one
62. No more hunchback
63. Shoulders—defined by muscle and bone, not fat
64. Well-defined waist
65. C-Cup
66. Thighs not chafing in pantyhose
67. Hose that don’t have an “X” or “Q” in the size
68. Wearing a seatbelt in a car’s backseat with a coat on
69. Seatbelts in the backseats of most cars
70. Not being the fattest person in my entire extended family
71. Flat-front pants/skirts without a shirt hanging down over them
72. Me on video/film
73. Participating in physical activities/games
74. Leaning over to pick up the ball in mini-golf
75. Smaller ring size
76. Slinky black dress
77. Kathy Ireland vs. Kathy Kinney
78. Making men who’ve bypassed the opportunity to be with me eat their hearts out
79. Surprising everyone I haven’t seen in a long time
80. Proving to [former best friend] that I can do it without her
81. If I ever run into Brad or Kevin again . . .
82. Thesis presentation/Graduation
83. Teaching
84. Black satin
85. Dancing
86. Confidence in meeting new people
87. Hotel towels wrapping completely around my body
88. Being a WW consultant
89. Having Points Memorized [Yay for the Core program, where I don’t have to track Points anymore!]
90. Crossing my legs comfortably
91. [Name of a guy I’d had a crush on for a long time]
92. [Name of another guy I’d recently met]
93. Sundresses
94. Costumes for musicals/performances at church—no one has to make one in a special size for me
95. New clothes
96. Bright colors [hmmm . . . I got over this—I love wearing bright colors]
97. Being the reason male visitors to the Singles Sunday school class come back [Wow, I was full of my skinny self!]
98. Having God be proud of me [Maybe this should have come closer to the top of the list!]
99. Being fit to do whatever it is God wants me to do
100. A Victorian-style wedding dress
101. Being carried over the threshold
102. Writing conferences
103. Letting my guard down
104. Being both “the kind you date” and “the kind you marry”
105. Having more than just “a great personality” and “a pretty face”
106. People seeing me, not a fat girl
107. Returning to New Mexico again and seeing everyone I knew growing up
108. Seeing people I knew “when” after I’m published
109. Sheer or clingy fabrics
110. “Before” and “After” pictures
111. Crowded rooms
112. Sharing a seat with someone
113. Having someone be able to put his arms all the way around me
114. Plaid
115. Horizontal stripes
116. Patterns
117. Not having to pretend that I believe that people don’t notice I’m fat
118. Not getting “the look” from the person in the seat beside me on the airplane
119. Visible collarbones
120. Shopping at “normal” stores and having a wide variety to choose from

What are some reasons you want to lose weight that might not be on this list?


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