Weekly Weigh-In 01/25/09

I allowed myself to be a little more lax this week—even had fast-food yesterday (though I couldn’t eat all of it). And I was still down 2.4 pounds this week for a WW total of 34.6 pounds and an overall weight loss of 54.6 pounds.

In the WW meeting today, we talked about goal-setting, which I’ve already discussed at length both here and on my main site. So since goals are on my mind, and since I’m about to send an update to my family group who’re working together as an accountability group this year, I’ll update the first of the Milestone Goals I set earlier this month.

March 30 — Potential book signing tour (details pending). There are about 11 weeks between now and then, so I’d like to lose at least 15 more pounds before then (or around 254-257 lbs.). That would put me squarely in a size 24, which would necessitate the purchase of at least a couple new pairs of dress pants.

There are nine weeks between now and March 30. I’m already at 260.4 pounds, which means that really, I only have 4 to 6 pounds to lose to meet the weight goal I set on January 9. So I’ve readjusted this goal. My new goal is to be at 250 lbs. by March 30, or to lose at least another 10.4 pounds between now and then.

A shorter-term goal than that is to not allow myself to become complacent with the success I’ve had in the last three weeks (in case you’ve lost track, I’ve lost a total of 11.6 pounds in three weeks). I know that even if I continue to eat the same way I did these weeks—really watching portion control and sticking almost solely to the foods on the Core list (called “Filling Foods” in the new Momentum program), my weight loss will slow down and eventually stop. I have to add activity. I have to watch portion sizes. And I have to stay away from the high-fat, high-sugar foods (like the fast-food I had yesterday).

How did you do this week?


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  1. Becky says:

    Hey Kaye,
    For the first time, I came to your website this morning to see what you had posted here. I cannot put in words how very proud I am of you and your weight loss goals and accomplishments. I have prayed for you as promised in the “green” room Christmas 2007 regarding both weight and that special someone. (Well, in all honesty I was already praying for you even before that time for both of those things.) So I am praising the Lord for his answers to those prayers that I believe have only just begun. I have confidence that with your commitment to your goals and the Lord’s continued help, you will reach your goals. I continue to pray for you.


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