New Picture!

Because I have a very strong feeling that my weigh-in tomorrow isn’t going to be great (tough week), I thought it might be time to update the full-length comparison picture. So, here it is!

Here are the comparisons:

November 2007:
Weight, approx. 315 pounds
Shirt size: 3x
Jeans size: 28W

October 2008:
Weight, 275.6 pounds
Shirt size: 24W
Jeans size: 26W

February 2009:
Weight (as of last week): 262.4 pounds
Shirt size: 22W
Jeans size: 24W

The reason I’m pretty sure tomorrow’s weigh-in isn’t going to be great is because I’m back in that self-sabotage mode. But hopefully this coming week, with as much as I need to get accomplished (two large copy editing projects as well as the edits on Menu for Romance which I got back yesterday), I’ll be too busy to think about over-eating. But as soon as I post this, I’m going into the kitchen to preplan all of my meals for the next seven days.


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Kaye Dacus Academic Editor (at NCU). Published Author (11 novels, dozens of articles, essays, poems). Prolific Procrastinator.
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9 Responses to New Picture!

  1. Ruth says:

    Girl, no matter what the weigh-in says tomorrow, don’t let that rob you of joy in the accomplishment of how far you’ve come!


  2. Karla says:

    You look fantastic! I agree with Ruth, enjoy the success you have had so far!


  3. Kaye Dacus says:

    Thanks, ladies!

    I just get frustrated with myself when I do this—because I know how easily and quickly I can be right back up (and above) that starting weight. And there are days when I think it would be worth it for a fried chicken dinner from Popeye’s. But that’s why I’m about to go plan out my meals for the week, so I can build that INTO the plan instead of doing it because I’m tired and just don’t feel like fixing a meal.


  4. Rachel says:

    Kaye, you look FABULOUS!!!!!! I am so impressed and excited for you!!


  5. jay jayesser says:

    Hey chin up.
    Weight loss isnt easy especially for women – I dont know why.

    Food is a big factor in weight loss. Honestly i have seen a lot of people i l know lose weight simply by changing their diet but get this – in all the cases – it happened unintentionally.

    I accidentally got into the whole weight loss thing ironically becasue im someone who tries to put weight on. I figure the opposite of what I am doing helps people to lose weight. Ive seen a few female friends lose substantial weight just by changing their diets unintentionally and the weight has stayed off too. They just happened to eat less due to work worries or just not having time to eat as per normal.

    One girl at work has lost an impressive amount and is still losing it. I noticed this and started to ask questions. I now monitor progress of people who i know are trying to lose wight, offer encouragement and advice. Its all very well going on a diet but without the right encouragement it will be harder to succeed. Ive learnt a lot about weight loss and how to achieve it and its great to be able to help others and see long term results.

    Ive seen real life examples of food as a major factor in weight loss so nice to see a site about it. You can eat meat and still lose weight – the women i know who have lost weight all eat meat. You know one of them even pigs out on chocolate and stuff and still keeps the weight off by walking a lot and stuff and she was pretty big.

    Do your best – it will take time – the women i monitor took a good while to get where they are now but they got there!!!!!!!!

    Jayesser Jay


  6. Jess says:

    You look awesome. Look at your waist! The only people who look fat are those who have no shape, and you are definitely not in that category. Congratulations.


  7. Noelle says:

    You look FANTASTIC! Keep up the good work! Love ya!


  8. Rinn says:

    You look wonderful girl! You are an inspiration.


  9. Mary says:

    Kaye, your success is a real inspiration to me, you look great! I’m in week 6 of WW (on my own this time because I’m overseas) and I will be checking in with you to keep myself encouraged as I walk this journey with you. Thank you for sharing!


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