Activity Report 2/26/09

I’ve been frustrating myself by stepping on the new digital scale a couple of times a day—and seeing absolutely no movement in the numbers whatsoever (except for its being five pounds higher at night than it is in the morning). Even though I’ve been sticking to my meal plan for the week (actually eating less than what’s on it most days), not seeing any significant movement in the number on the scale for me means more drastic measures.

So I went for a walk today. No, I didn’t pull out the exercise DVD, I actually went outside and walked a mile around the neighborhood. I know a mile doesn’t seem like much, but having become so inactive as I have since getting laid off and having to drop my gym membership (and because I didn’t have anyone I was going with to keep me motivated anymore), one mile is really just about all I can do right now. I don’t want to over-do and make myself so sore that I’m hurting for the next few days (or even two weeks, like after the first time I did Bob-the-Trainer’s CardioMax workout on the fitness On Demand channel). I worked up a bit of a glisten, got my heart rate up (though not up to the maximum level), and got some good work in on my leg muscles. Tonight, I’m going to pull out my hand-weights and do some upper body toning.

According to Gyminee, I only burned 137 calories, but that’s about 130 more than I would have burned by just sitting at the computer for those twenty minutes. And I was able to listen to the first two and a half chapters of Camy Tang‘s Sushi for One? while doing it. Even though Camy’s book wasn’t originally on my reading list for 2009, I’ve added it. Now that it looks like we’re going to have more nice days than bad here in Middle Tennessee, I can kill two birds with one stone by walking outside: activity to help me lose weight and getting through some of those books on my reading list that are available on audio.

How have you been doing with activity this week?


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  1. Camy Tang says:

    I’m glad you liked listening to it! (Thanks for the link luv, by the way) Your weight loss progress is awesome! I’m also trying to get in shape, which also might be before my 40th, which is in 2012. I love walking. I was walking 2-3 times a week all last year, and just started doing the Couch to 5K program this January.


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