Exercise Journal 3/13/09

Tuesday: Walked 1 mile outside/70 degrees (got up to 80 that day!)

Wednesday: Walked 1 mile outside/40 degrees—After the WW topic being on incorporating activity into the weight-loss equation, I was determined I was going to get one mile in at least three days this week. So I braved the cold and wind and went out and walked. I made the mistake, however, of wearing only a long-sleeved T-shirt and so stayed pretty cold the entire walk (but it made me walk a little faster!). The important thing is that I did it.

Thursday: I had to get the galley of Ransome’s Honor back to Harvest House Thursday, so most of the morning was taken up with re-writing all of my penciled-in corrections into red ink. But it was barely above freezing and raining/sleeting/icing all day (all at the same time—rain drops, piercing sleet, and ice pellets that built up and looked like snow in the eaves of roofs and on parked cars), so I didn’t even try to walk yesterday.

Friday: Though the thermostat showed it at 39 degrees, and though it’s overcast outside (so no help from direct sunlight), I decided I must walk again today. This time, though, I was prepared. In addition to heavy knit pants, I donned a long-sleeved T-shirt and my thick, heavy LSU National Champions hooded sweatshirt, and I dug up my gloves (which, fortunately, I remembered to take out of the pocket of my winter coat before it went into one of the bags of clothes I got rid of last weekend). By the time I’d walked about 3/4 of a mile, the hood and gloves had come off, and I was warm enough that I did my post-walk stretches outside to start cooling off before I hit the 66-degree warmth of the house.

Tomorrow (Saturday) is my local writing group meeting at Panera. I’ve worked my meal plan this week so that I can enjoy my regular spinach-artichoke “souffle” there (13 Points!) as my treat for sticking to plan and walking at least three times this week.


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