Weekly Weigh-In 3/15/09

I meant to post this yesterday, but by the time I got home last night, I was simply too knackered to even think about what to write. But now, since I just came back in from my walk (1 mile, approx 3 mph), I realized I needed to get this posted!

After posting a 1.4 pound gain last week (though that was back down by Monday morning to where I’d been the week before), I lost 2.2 lbs. this week, for an overall total loss of 58.2 lbs!

That means I still have 6.8 lbs to go if I’m going to hit 250 by the March 29 weigh-in. One way I’m going to try to do that is by committing to walk at least a mile every day this week. And according to the extended weather forecast, the only day that might be out of the question is Thursday, when a cool front comes through. The rest of the week should be perfect walking weather—maybe even in short sleeves and capri-length exercise pants so I can start getting some sun on my pasty white legs.

How are you doing on your food plan? Exercise? Successes? Struggles?


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3 Responses to Weekly Weigh-In 3/15/09

  1. Nadina says:

    Hi Kaye, I stumble across your blog when reading through your website. Your progress is such an inspiration. In January I moved in with my brother and his wife and it is like living with two personal trainers. I am on a weight program for eating for my body type. At first I had my doubts but have lost almost 20lbs so far. It actually works. There are times when I struggle or don’t get in my excercise but then I get back up and get going. The biggest thing I miss is the soda. I have not had one since January 6th. This is huge for me. I was a soda junky.

    Anyway keep doing what you are doing. You are looking amazing.


  2. Mary says:

    You are doing wonderful, Kaye! It’s great you are getting out to walk.


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