Changing Things Up

I started this blog for accountability. And I’m not being accountable. Thus the reason why my motivation has crashed and my weight has slowly been climbing. I DON’T WANT THAT TO CONTINUE!!!!!!! So beginning next Monday, I’m going to switch from the WW Core (now called “Filling Foods”) to the Flex (now called “Momentum”) plan and start counting Points. That means weighing and measuring and TRACKING everything I put in my mouth.

I need the change up. I was watching one of the National Body Challenge programs on Discovery Health last night and listened as the overweight twin sisters griped about having to give up all of their favorite foods for this “diet”—which is the exact same conversation I had with my WW leader last week. Though I know that my “favorite foods” are unhealthy, and I know that this is a lifestyle change, not a diet, I’ve been in an unhealthy headspace for the past five or six weeks . . . giving myself excuse after excuse as to why I should allow myself to let certain unhealthy food products/items slip back into my eating habits.

I also need to do this for the next two weeks to remind myself what the healthier choices are when it comes to what foods I’m eating as well as what “normal” serving sizes are—before I go on the road for two and a half weeks. As a side-effect, I’m hoping it’ll kick-start me into losing weight again—especially since I had to order a dress online for the weddings I’m attending May 16 & 23, which means I haven’t tried it on and I’m having to just pray that it’ll be true to size for that store (Avenue) and will fit. I’ll be using the blog for tracking, so I’m counting on everyone here to be bombarding me with comments if I miss even one day between April 27 and May 9.

In addition to getting back on Program, I’ve got to start getting active again. Since it looks like the weather may be hit-or-miss with rain/thunderstorms next week, I’ll walk outside whenever I can, but when I can’t, I’ll pull out my “Yoga for the Rest of Us” DVD and work on muscle toning.

Now that summer’s almost here, what can you do to shake things up if you’ve gotten in a rut or, like me, have completely lost sight of what you were doing to get healthier this year?


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Kaye Dacus Academic Editor (at NCU). Published Author (11 novels, dozens of articles, essays, poems). Prolific Procrastinator.
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3 Responses to Changing Things Up

  1. Lisa Harman says:

    Ok Kaye. I’m right here with you.


  2. Kim says:

    You can do it…and so can I. I’m in the same boat sista’. Don’t loose heart! 🙂


  3. Esther Gross says:

    I know the feeling. I did so well while Fred was in the hospital and even after he came home. I did well enough that even with circumstances keeping me from exercising, I didn’t gain. But now I’ve gotten careless again and am starting to pay the price. Grrrr. Here’s to cheering you on and myself to.


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