Semi-Weekly Weigh-In 5/28/09

Well . . . obviously, I didn’t weigh in last week when I was in Arkansas. With the way I felt like I’d been eating after the previous weigh in, I was somewhat scared to—after that 3.8 lb. loss the week before, I didn’t want to see that go back up a couple of pounds.

But I decided I needed to go ahead and get officially back on the scale before getting back to my regular WW meeting on Sunday—and before I go do my “big” grocery shop to replenish my very empty kitchen after being away for 17 days.

I fully expected to be up at least a full pound if not a pound and a half (after stepping on my scale here at home yesterday). But I was only up 0.6 lbs.! Woohoo. And I thought that since I allowed myself to “take a vacation” while I was in Arkansas and go ahead and eat barbecue (from McClard’s—the best BBQ in the world!), eat Mexican food, drink wine a couple of times, have ice cream, and eat fast-food on the days when I was traveling, that I had completely blown it. Yet I do remember making conscious decisions to make healthier choices more often than not, too. So the whole idea of “healthy eating” IS sinking in finally!

And I’m pretty sure I can take that 0.6 off before Sunday. Especially since I wore jeans and a sweater (short-sleeved!) to weigh in today. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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2 Responses to Semi-Weekly Weigh-In 5/28/09

  1. Karen Eve says:

    That’s actually great and .6 is not a bad fluctuation at all, especially on vacation. The good thinking is paying off.
    I lost 1.7 this last weigh-in for a total of 8 lbs. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Kaye Dacus says:

    Way to go Karen! Keep up the good work!


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