Weekly Weigh-In 5/31/09

Getting back to my regular Weight Watchers meeting today could have meant either a disaster for my birthday, or something more to celebrate.

Well, I had something more to celebrate—even with eating out a couple of times (as well as indulging in a venti-sized Caramel Frapuccino from Starbucks Friday night), I was down 0.4 lbs from my weigh-in weight on Thursday. Yep—I managed to lose 1/10 of a pound each day since my last weigh-in! And I wasn’t really trying all that hard.

We got some really good info today on how eating more healthfully can actually help to save money on food, which I’ll blog about later in the week. But right now, I need to go in and make out my meal plan for the rest of the week. My goal is to see if I can get back down to 260 next week. Which means really watching what I eat and getting back to exercising.

Now that it’s almost June, what are your plans to keep yourself on track (or to get back on track) for the summer?


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