Weekly Weigh-In 8/16/09

As promised, I’m back to my weekly weigh-in updates, which I’m going to make myself do whether the scale shows a loss, a maintenance, or a gain. Fortunately for the week in which I’m recommitting myself to this, it’s a post I want to write.

I lost 4.6 lbs at my weigh-in yesterday. That means with combined with the 0.6 I lost the week before, I’m down 5.2 pounds in the last two weeks, and it puts me back to where I was in late April/early May before I fell off the wagon and gained at least ten pounds. With a current weight of 263.6 lbs, it means I’ve lost a total of 52.4 pounds since Fall 2007.

Looking at that from one side, losing 50 pounds in just under two years really doesn’t seem like that much progress. But for me, having lost 50 pounds in a little more than a year (or averaging slightly less than a pound a week) and then “maintained” the loss for six months—as in, I never re-gained more than 10 pounds and when I did, once I got over all the bad ju-ju in my head, it made me want to work that much harder to take it off and start losing again—is quite a feat. I’ve never been in the position in my life in which I’ve been consistently either losing or maintaining a lower weight than where I was the year before. Just the opposite. Prior to the past twenty or so months, I’d always weighed more than I had the year before—with the exception of the few months before my back surgery in 2003 when I lost weight doing low-carb.

I joined Weight Watchers in April 2008, after having lost about 20 pounds on my own, mostly through going to the gym almost every evening after work. This is the longest I have ever stuck with a commitment to eat right and lose weight. And last week, I added the activity component into it. When I was working full-time and not only had the regular income to be able to afford it but had the coworkers to go with, I went to the gym three or four times a week after work. Several years before, when I still worked at the newspaper, I would go to the gym after work almost every night and swim for an hour—though that was really more for relaxation than exercise (and it was while I was in graduate school, and I saw the efficacy of exercise then as I came up with the hidden-identity plot for Stand-In Groom while in the pool). Committing to exercise is hard for me because I not only hate getting hot and sweaty—and then there’s the whole pushing myself until I’m breathing hard and my muscles are tired—but because it’s so hard for me to cool off afterward (we’re talking standing under the cold water in the shower with the bathroom door open for twenty minutes kind of hard-to-cool-off). But I’m doing it. And I’ve started doing it at night, about an hour after supper, when the munchies hit. That time when, even though I’m not hungry, I’m starting to prowl the kitchen for something sweet, because over the years I allowed myself to get into the dessert habit and now that pattern is so ingrained in my brain that I feel like I need something sweet after dinner to be satisfied (which of course leads to needing something salty, then something else sweet, then something sour, then something sweet . . . ). So I started exercising then instead. And it’s a great distraction, because after exercising, all I want is water.

This week marks week 2 of my recommitment to exercise. What are you committing to this week on the journey to being a more healthy you?


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6 Responses to Weekly Weigh-In 8/16/09

  1. PatriciaW says:

    Congrats, Kaye. I’m committing to good food choices and exercise at least three times this week. Holding steady from where I was beginning of last week, up a little from week’s end. But the weekends are the hardest for me so I’m doing fine.


  2. Kaye Dacus says:

    Weekends used to be hardest for me, too, but now that I have that Sunday weigh-in to work toward, it’s always Sunday evening/Monday that are my hardest days now.


  3. Teresa says:

    Hi Kaye!

    I just started a blog and was searching for it and found yours as well! We are very similar (although I’m a few years older) — like you I’ve been steadily gaining weight as I’ve aged. I’m trying something new to motivate myself – along with a blog to help me be more accountable. I’m also interested in new recipes and I’m trying to frame this whole journey in my mind as the need to treat a chronic condition — rather than whether I’m being “good” or “bad”. It really is about maintaining our health — we wouldn’t put sugar water into our car’s gas tank, or give our pets rat poison — so I’m hoping that reframing the whole situation in my mind will help me make healthier choices. Anyway, I look forward to seeing you online 🙂

    Check out my first blog on:




  4. Mary says:

    It’s good to see you back! Congratulations.

    I’ve been on WW for 7 months and I just want to keep going, one step at a time, one day at a time… I really want to make exercise and good food choices as much a part of me as I do breathing. I don’t know if it will ever be natural but I have hope!


  5. Hey Kaye, Congrats on the loss!! wooo hoooo!!!! I’m having gallbladder surgery tomorrow but as soon as I recover from that I plan on adding exercise back into my program, too. I’m not a fan of sweating either but it has to happen I suppose. Keep up the great work!! I’m way proud of you!!!!!


  6. Hope says:

    Kaye, I know I’ve said this before – but I am always so encouraged and inspired by this blog. I should stop by more often just to give myself another jolt of Kaye-style grit and determination 🙂 Congratulations on the loss, that’s so great!
    My health commitment for the next two weeks is to regulate my sleeping habits…I have a tendency to undercut my own metabolism by staying awake long into the night and then needing to either sleep in or nap in order to catch up. But I’ve just begun taking an 8:00 a.m. class, so I am now forced to more regular hours. It’s already made a difference in my eating urges, and I am excited to see a positive effect on my weight loss as well.


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