Wednesday Weigh-In 9/29/10

Well, my baseline/starting weight for my Christmas Challenge isn’t quite as bad as it looked when I weighed on Monday (and the scale showed me four pounds higher). My starting weight for the Christmas Challenge is 286. So, even though I said it’s a fifteen-pound loss goal, I’m actually increasing that to sixteen pounds, to try to hit 270 by Christmas.

What I have done since Monday:

  • Started watching what I eat, making healthy/low-carb choices whenever possible. I’ve begun the arduous task of eliminating sugars/refined carbs from my diet, so I expect the next couple of weeks to be full of headaches and cravings as I go through withdrawal.
  • Reinitialized my FitDay account (see link in the right-hand column to my FitDay journal). I plugged my food in on Monday, didn’t have time to do it yesterday, and have put my breakfast stuff for today in so far (I know, it’s two o’clock in the afternoon so there should be two meals listed, right? Well, when I don’t get up until 10:30 and don’t have breakfast until 11ish, lunch doesn’t come until three or four in the afternoon).
  • Got my toning sneakers. Have worn them around the house to get used to them.

What I haven’t done since Monday:

  • Activity—so far, I haven’t gotten in my 30 minutes of exercise daily. This is always a challenge for me.
  • Tracked food every day. (Working on it.)
  • Take the white-board into the kitchen and made a meal plan for the week. This is a goal for today, in addition to cleaning the kitchen. I always find I have an easier time sticking to healthy meals, prepared and eaten at home, when I have a sparkling-clean kitchen to work in.

Have you thought about setting a health/fitness goal for the last quarter of the year? What small steps can you take in the next three months to welcome 2011 as a healthier you?


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Kaye Dacus Academic Editor (at NCU). Published Author (11 novels, dozens of articles, essays, poems). Prolific Procrastinator.
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7 Responses to Wednesday Weigh-In 9/29/10

  1. The Damsels says:

    Kaye have you ever thought about using a kettlebell (I specifically do the workout cause it’s only 30min three times a week…I love it. With my busy schedule I have time for 30 min usually but not longer…and it’s easy to do at home…) It’s a fun and easy way to be “active.” Jennifer


    • Kaye Dacus says:

      I have a Shake Weight at home which I keep by the chair in the living room and use during commercials during the hour or so I allow myself to watch TV these days. But right now, purchasing any additional fitness equipment is out of the question.


  2. Meredith says:

    Oh fiddle sticks! Now you have gone and done it…challenged me. I guess that means I will have to committ to remove refined sugar from my diet. Something that will be invaluable to me in controlling diabetes.


  3. Pam Meyers says:

    Kaye, good for you! As those pounds come off your general health will also improve! I’m sure you’ve tried every “diet” out there, but I find Weight Watchers works for me. Last winter I put on 12-15 pounds with sitting at the computer, not exercising and, although eating healthy, I ate too much healthy! LOL. My doc told me no matter what you do, it all boils down to calories and burning them off. That and building muscle by using weight. I’ve been faithful going to the gym over the summer. The winter will be harder when Chicagoland gets those cold wintry days and all I want to do is stay inside LOL.


    • Kaye Dacus says:

      After WW introduced the Core plan, it started working for me again (too many carbs/sugars allowed/encouraged on the Points plan—and I knew how to work the numbers to get the highest levels of sugars/fats for my daily points). Core is basically a low-carb/high-fiber/high-protein plan, like Atkins (after Induction) and South Beach. So, following the Core plan and using my Wednesday weigh-ins here is my no-cost alternative to re-joining WW right now, since it just isn’t in the budget.


  4. Audry says:

    I’ve set a multi-part fitness goal for the end of the year 😀 but I’m not going to post what it is. I’ll let you know if I make it though.


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