So who hasn’t met their big, publicized weight goal?

Ooh, ooh—me, me!!

For those of you who’ve been around for a while, you know that I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in the past two or three years that I’ve been doing this blog. And recently, I’ve been much more up (weight wise) than down.

Last time I checked in (in February), I was down to 277. Unfortunately, I’ve been in a really bad head-space since then, between deadlines, financial issues, and the onset of hot weather which always makes me miserable. So I’ve fallen back into old eating patterns . . . and regained even more weight. I knew I’d regained weight, but I’d been avoiding the scale, because I didn’t want to be slapped with the truth.

But then I saw this picture, taken when I was in Pennsylvania two weeks ago:

And I couldn’t deny it any longer. I needed to start making healthy food choices and get moving again. And when I got home from that trip, I bit the bullet and stepped on the scale. As of the end of June, I was back up to 291.5—within 25 pounds of my highest weight ever. NOT where I wanted to be at this point in my life. I mean, the whole idea behind the title of this blog was that I’d be fitter and healthier (and smaller) by the time I turned forty. Guess what—that happened five weeks ago!

With my mom’s encouragement, I’ve started a new nutritional plan which includes cutting back to low-fat poultry and fish, lots of digestive-cleansing vegetables, a little fruit, and yogurt for the first two weeks, then moderating on to a basic low-carb menu.

Since that weigh-in on June 30, I’ve lost 8.5 pounds. And as I mentioned on Twitter yesterday, seeing that number on the scale not just going down, but racing down, makes it much easier to stick to a more restrictive diet for a couple of weeks—even to the point of abstaining from the chips and salsa and my favorite chile rellenos when I went out for Mexican food yesterday (I had chicken fajitas minus the tortillas, beans, and rice—just the chicken and vegetables with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa).

While I’ve set a goal for where I want to be by Christmas (250, or down about 30 more pounds), in the short term, I just want to get back into all of the clothes I bought a couple of years ago when I first started losing weight which are currently too tight. By Christmas, I want those clothes to all be a little too big for me.

What’s your health/fitness goal you’d like to reach by Christmas/the end of the year?


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3 Responses to So who hasn’t met their big, publicized weight goal?

  1. Well, I’m at my heaviest also. I blamed it first on the knee replacements, but I’m just eating more. Since we’re being honest, I topped out at 174. My small frame is not supposed to be that big! I am down to 170 now, so it has helped. I am exercising 30-45 minutes a day and I can tell the flab is getting firmer. I want to be to 140 by Christmas. I want to eat better and I know I can. It’s just a matter of doing it. If I can write a book, I can lose 30 pounds.


  2. Audry says:

    I’ve never really done any running, but I was talked into running – ok, “participating in” might be more accurate – a 5k road race on Memorial Day with my sister and brother-in-law. My sister, who ran varsity cross-country in high school (and who is 9 years younger than me!), beat me by 9 minutes without even making what she’d consider a good time. Since then I’ve started running in the mornings, with a goal of running a another 5k with her and keeping up. I don’t have a specific date set for achieving this, but kind of have fall in mind as a general time frame. I have no idea if that’s realistic or not.

    When I informed my sister that that was my goal, she told me that her goal is to not let that happen :o) Nothing like a little sibling rivalry as motivation, huh?


  3. Carla Gade says:

    So glad to hear you got back on a plan. That’s what I like about you, even if you go through a slump, you always get back on the horse and keep moving along. I know it is so discouraging to have gained, as I did last winter during my grief and depression. So here it is Oct. 2nd, and I’m just checking in with you on this. How are things going now?

    Here I am 6 weeks from my big 5 0 and I’ve only lost 15 pounds. My goal of losing 50 was much to enthusiastic. Maybe I can lose another 15 by Christmas, if I lose 10 by my Nov. 16th birthday I’ll at least have met half of my goal. I bought the Made to Crave book and DVD, but confess I haven’t done it yet. They also have daily encouragement emails for 40 days from their website. There is a support group using this starting up in my church so I might do that. My big problem is that I really can’t exercise because of my joint and connective tissue problems (exercise exacerbates pain and inflammation). But I CAN eat healthier, and I’ve made lots of modifications. I just have to stay away from that sweet, calorie laden, White Grape juice.


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