Food & Workout Report 7/23/13

Let me start with an apology to everyone who subscribes to this blog via email.
I didn’t realize that when I changed this blog from private (I was using it for something else for a little while) to back to public that WordPress would act like I’d just published all of those posts and send notifications for each one. I am truly sorry for flooding your email inboxes with old posts!

Well, last night I ended up scrapping my original plan for dinner (ham steak and artichoke), because by the time I finished fixing up this blog, showering, and cleaning up the bathroom, it was 8 p.m.—far too late to start the almost hour-long process to cook the artichoke. So I had spaghetti instead (whole-wheat noodles, home-made sauce). Not necessarily low-carb, but not the worst thing I could have eaten.

Breakfast: Sausage, coffee

Lunch: sandwich made with double-fiber whole wheat bread, lean deli beef, horseradish sauce, baby swiss cheese. Carrots & dressing. 2 dill pickle spears (half a pickle).

Dinner: The artichoke is on the stove right now, and after I take my shower, I’ll figure out if I want to do anything other than heat up the ham steak.

Full workout at Curves
3,345 steps so far today (I know, it’s not much. But I have a job that keeps me tied to a desk all day and I work in a very compact building. And it’s far too hot to walk outside.)

Product Placement
One of the ladies at Curves this afternoon asked me about the shoes I’ve been wearing. Since this isn’t a high-impact workout, I decided to look for something other than full-on athletic shoes (trainers). I have a pair of trainers that I love, but they’re just so hot this time of year, what with socks and all. So I started looking at slip-on trainers. But most of them look like my feet would sweat so much I’d never be able to keep them on. Then there’s the factor that I have several spots that standard shoes tend to rub on to consider.

Then, I saw these. Cue heavenly music.

They’re Sketchers (which my favorite casual sneakers are, too), and as soon as I tried on a pair in the store, they felt like they’d been custom made to fit each foot. They’re like a pair of (lightweight, breathable) slipper-socks with trainer soles! I’ve also worn them when I’ve gone on extended excursions to the mall or other shopping trips, and I’ve found that my back doesn’t hurt nearly as much when I wear these as if I’m wearing less supportive shoes.


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3 Responses to Food & Workout Report 7/23/13

  1. Good for you!

    Interesting shoes. I’ve never been a big Sketchers fan but if they make them for men, my hubs might be interested.

    Today wasn’t a good day for me. Last day before pay day. Eating what I can find. And a work day for me [I only work two days a week outside the home; had two kids with me and two with grandma and then a massage – which was nice but a theraputic massage not a relaxing one – told her she owes me a relaxing one now bc it hurt something awful, but I do feel a lot better now so it worked, but she still hurt me!!] and then the pool, swim lessons almost as soon as we got home. Tomorrow likely won’t be any better but a run around like crazy day :p.

    I did weigh in this morning. My initial thought was 15lbs but I thought I might challenge myself with 20lbs, but… I’m gonna think on it another day. 🙂


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