Food & Fitness Report 7/25/13

Not a whole lot of time to post today—lots to do (really making good on that “stay busy” goal!).

Ate my soup last night, but never had a chance to do the root-beer float.

Breakfast: Sausage, coffee

Lunch: Bowl of Chunky vegetable-beef soup (I felt like I needed something hot, so the sandwich/veggies I’d planned to eat just wasn’t going to cut it—and I had a can of this in my desk drawer. I must say, I make much better-tasting soup than this stuff!)

Dinner: Crab! A treat, since it was on sale at Kroger when I went to pick up some prescriptions. Watermelon and cantaloupe for “dessert.”

None, but I was at the chiropractor for about an hour and a half.


About Kaye Dacus

Kaye Dacus Academic Editor (at NCU). Published Author (11 novels, dozens of articles, essays, poems). Prolific Procrastinator.
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2 Responses to Food & Fitness Report 7/25/13

  1. LaManda Watson says:

    You can do it Kaye! Small increments over a long period of time. It’s the best way. Keep it up!


  2. Good for you! Last day of work for several weeks for me. Am sore from my massage the other day. Hoping for a work out tomorrow as it should be a slower easier day [thank God!] after the now-6yo’s doc appointment. He’ll be gone tomorrow night [as will hubs]. I need to get oodles of words in and have a bridal shower to shop for on Saturday and a busy weekend. I also dropped off paperwork so I can be a substitute teacher in our town this year.

    I am drinking more water today which is good. I only had a bite of cake [if that] which is also good. I don’t feel good which is not.


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