Food & Fitness Report 7/26/13

I took half a day off work today (our Personal days cycle on the Academic calendar, so if I didn’t use it before next week, I’d lose it), and decided to run to Target to pick up a few things before heading home.

This is one of those few things I got:

Because I’ve been needing to replace the nasty lawn lounger that I’ve had there for years and years, which you can see below (taken in January or February 2010). And because it was on sale for $17 (the cushion cost almost as much as the chair—and yes, that’s a seat cushion tied to the back, because the back reclines so much that it’s uncomfortable without it).

And this is me with my chiropractic ice bag tucked up under my chin(s) trying to cool off afterward. Yes, my face is really that red when I get overheated.

Which leads me to . . .


Breakfast: The usual (sausage and coffee)

Lunch: pot-roast and veggie soup, nectarine

Dinner: Ribeye steak, steamed edamame with sea salt, glass of white wine

Since I’m not in the vicinity of Curves, I’m not going there today. but I did get in quite a workout (and sustained an increased pulse and sweated—a lot) by fighting for almost half an hour to get the above pictured plastic Adirondack-style chair into my car, and then another twenty minutes or so (and more increased pulse and sweating) to get it out of the car at home. If it cools off this evening before dark (it’s almost 90 right now), I’ll try to go for a walk. It’s supposed to only be in the low 80s on Sunday, so I’m definitely going to try to get out and do something that day!


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Kaye Dacus Academic Editor (at NCU). Published Author (11 novels, dozens of articles, essays, poems). Prolific Procrastinator.
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4 Responses to Food & Fitness Report 7/26/13

  1. Nancy Mehl says:

    Kaye, sorry if I missed this somewhere, but are you counting calories, doing WW, low-carb…? Just wondered what plan you were using.


  2. Oh my! Fighting with that ABSOLUTELY counts as a workout!!!

    I was down a bit this morning! YAY! Had a decent day, but not fabulous, food wise with a small piece of cake and a change in plans means no more tonight [probably…] but an increase in stress as one of my kids was supposed to spend the night with my sister and they ended up staying here instead and since she’s a huge stressor for me and gets my kids all riled up [tonight stuffed animal wars in the basement] then leaves [though she is staying to watch a movie tonight]. Wrote about 100 words today [typed] and about 2/3 of a page [handwritten at the doctor]. I may get some more in while we watch the movie and had a flash of brilliance at Walmart [for fitting an already written MS and fitting it into an existing series – not that any of them are sold yet…]

    Breakfast was Cheerios. Lunch was a cheese quesadilla. Dinner was Meatball Bubbles with corn. Milk to drink. Only one DP. And more water than normal, which still isn’t nearly enough :p.

    Maybe some popcorn for snack… Sounds yum.


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