31-Day Clean House Challenge: Day 2 — Declutter

Yesterday, I posted the Clean House Challenge—an opportunity I’m taking to get my house clean and organized by the end of July, so that the majority of what I need to do after is just a few minor tasks each day in order to keep things clean.

Yesterday (Day 1) was the first of three decluttering days. I’ve set a goal of four 15-minute sessions per day . . . but because I was also trying to get laundry done yesterday (after having been traveling for two weeks and not doing it immediately after I got home), I ended up with only the one session. But here’s what I accomplished:

In the clutter still under the table, there’s a box that contained something that I used to start my decluttering (and organizing) for Day 2.

Clean House Challenge — Day 2: DECLUTTER
Even though it falls more under the heading of organizing rather than decluttering, having somewhere to put things away (as well as seeing progress for the motivation factor), I finally put together a three-shelf unit that I’d gotten last year, thinking I might use it in my office closet. But it had just been sitting under the table, and I have other options for that closet.

My galley-style kitchen is very small, and I’m very much like my mother: I love kitchen stuff—which means I have far too many things to fit in the cabinets. So here’s what I did with my first 15-minute “decluttering” session for Day 2:

I’d been thinking about replacing the “island” (from my previous house) with some kind of butcher’s rack or adding another set of upper and lower cabinets (and using the island elsewhere). But now that’s something I can put off a lot longer while still expanding the storage space and usability of my kitchen.

But I still have (at least) three 15-minute sessions for decluttering today. That means more Trash It, Keep It, Donate It sorting. And more feeling of progress, motivation, and accomplishment at the end of the day!

Want to participate?

Set a timer for fifteen minutes and start decluttering by placing everything in one of the three receptacles: Trash It, Keep It, Donate It. Set a goal of doing this two to four times today—either on the same space if it’s really bad, or choose a different space each time.

Ready? Go! And be sure to post before-and-after photos!

Clean House Challenge Checklist/Schedule
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LowCarbKaye's Clean House Challenge July 2018

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