31-Day Clean House Challenge: Day 3 — Declutter

Have you started your Clean House Challenge yet? I’m trying hard not to get behind right from the beginning, but 40+ years of laziness about housekeeping makes it a hard pattern to break!

In order to help myself not only remember what Clean House Challenge tasks I need to complete each day, I’ve created a detailed daily task list that also includes the daily housekeeping tasks that I should be doing on those days as well. Images and links at the end of the post!

Clean House Challenge — Day 3: DECLUTTER
Set a timer for fifteen minutes and start decluttering by placing everything in one of the three receptacles: Trash It, Keep It, Donate It. Set a goal of doing this two to four times today—either on the same space if it’s really bad, or choose a different space each time.

Ready? Go! And be sure to post before-and-after photos!

Clean House Challenge Detailed Checklists
Click images to open downloadable/printable PDFs

Here’s a two-page-per-week planning schedule with all of the Clean House Challenge tasks filled in . . . and lots of room for notes and other tasks to be written in:

And if you’re interested in seeing all of the other tasks that I do/should be doing on a daily basis, here’s my detailed schedule:

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5 Responses to 31-Day Clean House Challenge: Day 3 — Declutter

  1. Diane Elizabeth Nelson says:

    Printed off the great schedule you prepared, have my plan of attack and Monday July 9 it’s a go!!


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  3. jrh2431 says:

    Thank you so much for helping me find myself again!!! …and my keys….my hairbrush…

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