31-Day Clean House Challenge: Days 5 & 6 — Small Appliances, Fridge, & Freezer

Who else here in the U.S. needed Thursday to recover from a fireworks-induced “hangover” (from lovely neighbors on one side who shot off extraordinarily loud ones until about 2:30 AM followed by the wonderful neighbors on the other side who got up and answered them at 5:30 AM)? Anyway, hope your Independence Day was wonderful!

Let’s get caught up, shall we?

Clean House Challenge — Day 5: Clean Small Appliances
On Day 4, the task was to clear and clean the kitchen counters. Be ready to have to clean them again after this task! Because I have so little counter space, I don’t have a whole lot of small appliances—I don’t even have an electric can opener. My two main small appliances are my coffee maker (which I clean regularly, because it’s mostly white and light gray, so it’s pretty easy to see when it’s getting dirty) and my toaster oven.

What I don’t do regularly is run vinegar through the coffee maker to clean out the inner workings. So I did that yesterday and put the carafe/lid, basket, and water reservoir into the dishwasher. But when I went back in to clean the toaster oven, I got side tracked . . . and I installed the LED light strip under my upper cabinet instead. At least I got something done in the kitchen that I’ve been meaning to do for nearly a year now, right? So the toaster goes on today’s list, along with . . .

Clean House Challenge — Day 6: Purge and Clean Fridge & Freezer
When I’m on track and doing meal planning each weekend for the week ahead, I’m pretty good about keeping up with cleaning/organizing both fridge and freezer. However, suffice it to say, I haven’t been “on track” for several months now. Which means both need everything taken out and the surfaces need to be cleaned. I use warm vinegar water to both clean and disinfect, taking out the shelves to ensure I’m reaching all the corners and crevices.

I have on my own detailed schedule to go ahead and inventory the food I have while I’m doing this, as it’s something I’m supposed to be doing every week for meal planning anyway. So two birds, one stone.

Have you started your challenge yet? What have you found most difficult about the challenge so far?

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