31-Day Clean House Challenge: Day 5.5 — Declutter & Get Back on Track

After a little more than a week of whinging and procrastinating (my head hurts, my back hurts, I’m tired, I don’t feel like cleaning), I’m making myself get off my duff and reboot my motivation to get my house cleaned and organized.

As I said in my previous post: It’s a 31-day challenge. But nothing says those 31 days have to be consecutive, right? 😉

And because I haven’t been on plan with cleaning, what I had accomplished has somewhat fallen to the wayside. So instead of jumping right back in with Day 6 (clean, purge, organize fridge & freezer), I’m giving myself a day to re-declutter and touch-up everything I’ve already done up to this point. I’ve already started with cleaning the kitchen countertops, but now I need to go back to the areas I’d decluttered in the rest of the house when I started and re-declutter them. The good thing? Because I already put in hard work on those areas, it won’t take me the full fifteen minutes to do all of them this time, instead of an hour or more for each.

Here’s what I’m going to try to accomplish this evening:

  • Declutter dining table, chair-side table, dog’s box/stuff, top of washer/dryer.
  • Finish cleaning kitchen countertops.
  • Clean toaster oven; wipe down coffee maker. Check small appliances stored in cabinets to see if they need cleaning.

That should get me to the point at which I’m ready to pick up the schedule again and get back on track with Day 6 tomorrow.

How are you doing with your challenge?

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Kaye Dacus Academic Editor (at NCU). Published Author (11 novels, dozens of articles, essays, poems). Prolific Procrastinator. www.kayedacus.com
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