31-Day Clean House Challenge: Day 6 — Kitchen: Fridge & Freezer

Yesterday’s Day 5.5 catch-up sort of lingered into today. I spent the better part of my lunch break this afternoon cleaning my toaster oven. Now, you may wonder why it needed so much cleaning. You have to understand: I use my toaster oven for nearly everything that most people use their standard oven for. In fact, during Black Friday last year, I upgraded from my toaster oven that would just fit a regular-sized frozen pizza (it was about 11 inches square inside) to one that will fit a 9×13-inch casserole pan. In addition to fixing just one meal at a time, it’s really really nice to have it if I’m doing meal prep and need to bake a couple of things at different temperatures using it and the big oven.

I also tried out a new “cleaning hack” that I’ve seen floating around on the interwebs recently—and that’s to use dryer sheets (anti-static/fabric softener) to clean the baked-on gunk off the metal racks. You can read about the bathtub method for large oven racks at apartmenttherapy.com. Because I was just cleaning the one rack from my toaster, along with a smaller wire rack, I just used my sink and flipped them around after an hour or so.

It worked surprisingly well. (The racks are now in the dishwasher, because I didn’t want to take a chance of any lingering non-edible residue on them.)

Earlier this month, I posted the before photo of the kitchen:

So here’s the after:

Clean House Challenge — Day 6: Purge and Clean Fridge & Freezer
When I’m on track and doing meal planning each weekend for the week ahead, I’m pretty good about keeping up with cleaning/organizing both fridge and freezer. However, suffice it to say, I haven’t been “on track” for several months now. Which means both need everything taken out and the surfaces need to be cleaned. I use warm vinegar water to both clean and disinfect, taking out the shelves to ensure I’m reaching all the corners and crevices.

I have on my own detailed schedule to go ahead and inventory the food I have while I’m doing this, as it’s something I’m supposed to be doing every week for meal planning anyway. So two birds, one stone. Here’s what I get to tackle tonight:

Have you started your challenge yet? What successes have you had in the challenge so far?

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