Clean House Challenge: Day 10 — Purge, Clean, Organize Kitchen Cupboards | #housekeeping #organization #cleanhousechallenge

Yesterday, when I started working on the kitchen drawers, I realized I’d need some organization helpers. So after the gym this morning, I stopped by the dollar store in the same shopping center and picked up several different types of organizers. And then, in a couple of quick breaks from work, I completed the Day 9 task of purging, cleaning, and organizing the kitchen drawers.

Clean House Challenge — Day 10: Purge, Clean, Organize Kitchen Cupboards (Cabinets)
I actually have a tub of pans/dishes that I’ve never unpacked since I moved here last June—but I did do the majority of needed purging of kitchen stuff back then. Which means that for me, organizing the kitchen cabinets involves more unpacking and rearranging than actual purging. But everything can always stand to be cleaned, right?

After the dollar-store run earlier today, I did take a couple of 10-minute breaks from work and got started with the cabinet beside the stove where I keep the spices and stuff for cooking.

Once I empty the dishwasher in a few minutes, the majority of what I’ll need to do will be to bring the un-unpacked kitchen stuff in from the garage, sort through it, get rid of some/all of it (after all, I haven’t used/needed it in a year) and then find homes for the rest of it.

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  1. Kaye Dacus says:

    You know what I need to do for that spice cabinet? I need to figure out a way to attach something I can write on with dry erase marker on the inside of the door so that I can make a list of everything in this cabinet so that I’m never having to dig through (and mess it up) to see if I have something for a recipe. Off to figure it out . . .


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