#LowCarbRecipe: Semi-Homemade Pickles (a review)

In case you missed it, on Saturday, I posted #LowCarbRecipe: What Can I Do with All That Leftover Pickle/Pepper Juice?, a recipe for making use of the leftover liquid in pickle and pepper jars after the pickles and peppers are gone.

As promised, this is my follow-up post now that they’ve had a few days to pickle.

Let’s put it this way . . . I’m already eyeing another bottle of pepproncini to see how long it’s going to take me to finish those off so I can make more of these yummy, yummy pickles! (Or how long it’ll take me to finish off these pickles so I can just add more cucumbers to this jar.)

Definitely worth trying!!!

#LowCarbRecipe: Semi-Homemade Pickles | LowCarbKaye.com

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2 Responses to #LowCarbRecipe: Semi-Homemade Pickles (a review)

  1. Judy M. Dacus says:

    Saw a recommendation today to use pickle juice to brine chicken or other meats. Just the juice although you can add other seasonings if desired.


  2. Lara says:

    Hey – I just discovered your blog, and wow, you are so awesome!! Thanks so much for posting, I’ll be checking in here frequently now. 🙂 I’m following the ketogenic diet, which is high fat low carb (phase 1 of Atkins) and I’m -always- looking for low carb recipes!


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