Talk to Me: What are YOU cooking this weekend?

I know there are a lot of you out there who subscribe to this blog and (hopefully) reading when I post—thank you very much!!!!—but I don’t hear from very many of you. And I hope to change that.

So every weekend, I’m going to open this up and ask YOU what YOU’RE cooking. Feel free to link to a recipe/photos on your blog or to post it right in the comments. But I’d love for this to be a place for you to share your low-carb recipes and food-finds.

I’m getting ready to make The Most Delicious Meatballs in the World.

The Most Delicious Meatballs in the World

What are YOU cooking?

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3 Responses to Talk to Me: What are YOU cooking this weekend?

  1. April says:

    Bacon & mozzarella Frittatta; Romaine lettuce salad, dry salami strips with basil olive oil dressing; Jalapeno poppers (cream cheese and bacon). Yum. I’m trying very hard to make menu’s and cook like I should. Easier said/thought of than done sometimes. 🙂

    I hope all is going better for you “in the kitchen” now and you are finding your creative self again. 🙂


  2. tigerfans4 says:

    I made French Onion Soup for the first time! It actually turned out well. I used s combination of Tyler Florence’s and Ree Drummond’s recipes. Since I used a French baguette for the bread part in top its probably not very low carb. I used 4 onions and caramelized them with a little sugar and Worchestshire as well as a little thyme and black pepper. Then I added a cup of white wine and let that cook out until most of the liquid was gone. I sprinkled in a little flour and let that cook for about ten more minutes. Then I added two cans of beef broth and ended up also adding 4 beef bouillon cubes and 4 cups water as I wasn’t sure I’d have enough for the four of us. I let that boil while I broiled the baguettes with butter and shredded Swiss cheese on them since I don’t have oven safe bowls (which I will be purchasing at some point). We ladled the soup in a bowl and added the baguette. It is as a little time consuming (onions take about 25 minutes to cook down) but it was quite simple. Hope your meatballs turned out as good as they sounded. 😊


  3. Cindi McBroom says:

    Just made pork ribs and used sugar free apricot preserves mixed with ponzu sauce for the “barbecue sauce”. Delicious!


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