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Fifty Pounds and Counting

Facebook reminded me this weekend that three years ago, I posted “before” pictures of myself here. And I knew I’d never posted progress photos since then (mostly because it’s only been in recent months that I’ve been making any progress), … Continue reading

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#MyWholesome30 Meal Idea: Marinated Lamb Shoulder Chop and Roasted Cauliflower

It used to be that lamb was one of those meats that almost no one ever served, except for maybe on Easter, and that you didn’t see on restaurant menus unless you were at a Greek, Mediterranean, or Middle Eastern … Continue reading

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#MyWholesome30 Days 18–21 Check-In . . . with a Confession

Up until Friday, I was doing just fine sticking to my Wholesome food plan, now that I made the decision to add a little dairy and a little Splenda (basically, my morning coffee) back into the mix. And then Friday … Continue reading

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#MyWholesome30 Days 6–16: Catching up and Checking In

Recipes will follow in separate posts! So . . . that whole thing about getting better about checking in daily with how I’m doing on My Wholesome 30? Yeah. That didn’t work out so well. But it’s not because I’ve … Continue reading

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#MyWholesome30 Days 3, 4, & 5 – Recaps and Zucchini-Artichoke-Tomato side dish recipe

To go straight to the recipe, click here. Now that I’ve worked out in my own mind how I’m going to be working this program, combining the principles of the Wholesome food groups from Whole30 with my decades of experience … Continue reading

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#LowCarb Budget-Friendly Shopping Tip: Spices

One of the things that helps on any healthy food plan, including low-carb, is flavor. And flavor comes from spices. But those can be expensive. Well, I’ve discovered a secret, budget-friendly stash of spices in my grocery stores (Kroger and … Continue reading

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Depression and the Kitchen

There’s a major side-effect of depression that all of those tra-la-la, aren’t-these-cute-cartoon-people, take-our-pill-and-get-happy-again antidepressant commercials don’t get into—something that, if you’ve never dealt with severe depression you might never know, something that can make recovery extremely hard—and that’s the deterioration … Continue reading

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